Day of the Girl


Every October 11 is the International Day of the Girl Child! The United Nations established this annual girls’ rights day to raise awareness about the issues we face all over the world (things like limited ability to go to school, child marriage, body negativity and media sexualization, dating violence, and more).

And did you know, School Girls Unite was an integral part in making the Day of the Girl a reality, pushing for local-level proclamations, writing issue briefs, and meeting with US State Department and White House staffers in 2012!

Here are 11 things you can do leading up to the Day of the Girl and all year long! We hope you get involved!

  1. dotg-design-1Let people know you’re excited about the Day of the Girl by sharing on social media 
  2. Tell at least three people about what the Day of the Girl is: a day to celebrate girls and raise awareness about the challenges they face all over the world
  3. Add some of these empowering books about women + girls to your reading list
  4. Use hashtag #SGU4DayoftheGirl on social media to show your support for girls education worldwide!
  5. Find a Day of the Girl related event near you or host your own
  6. Sign up for School Girls Unite email updates
  7. Contact both your U.S. Senators and ask them to support a proposed bill titled Keeping Girls in School. Even better, collect petition signatures, scan and email them to your Senator too.
  8. Watch or host a screening of He Named me Malala, Miss Representation, or Girl Rising
  9. Donate to our Scholarship Fund where $75 will send a girl in Mali to school for an entire year
  10. Host a drive in your community (clothing, toiletries, books, school supplies, etc)  for a local women’s/girl’s shelter, or volunteer with a girl-focused organization
  11. Start a chapter with School Girls Unite promoting gender equality locally or globally!