School Girls Unite scholars smiling and waving

Educating Girls Globally

11 things to do for the Day of the Girl all year long

Our Mission is to tackle prejudice against girls worldwide and expand their freedom and opportunities through education and leadership.

Did You Know

60 million girls around the world are denied an education? Just because they’re girls?
Today, over half the people in Mali, Africa, don’t have an education and only 1 in 4 girls makes it to 7th grade. Even fewer make it to 8th grade.

We think it’s crucial for these girls to get a chance to follow their dreams. School sometimes sucks, but it offers the only thing no one can take away from you. An education.

A human right.

We believe that an education is the best way to end poverty, improve global health, and bring about a more peaceful world.

School Girls Unite is a youth-led U.S. non-profit organization located near the nation’s capital. Together with our sister organization in Mali, we advocate for equal education opportunities for everyone. Our 14-year-old scholarship program continues to support 20 girls who all live in a cluster of villages and attend three different schools. Our volunteer-run program means the cost is only $75 per student for an entire school year. 

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